“Such tremendous preparation and organization led to an incredibly successful art experience. I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn about acrylic painting should work with Julianna Poldi. She’s extraordinary.”

Tammy Ashworth, MFA, La Quinta, CA

“Julianna has a special way of working with each student on an individual basis, taking whatever time is needed, ‘meeting’ that student fully, in present time. It was in this way that she was able to help me to not only identify but to get over my own personal ‘stumbling blocks’, to begin to really clear away some obstacles that were getting in the way of my own painting process.”

Jillian Crocker, Berkeley, CA

“The 3 hours I spent with Juliana Poldi were GREAT!  She led me in ways of painting, all the while listening to the directions I wanted to go.  I completely trusted her guidance. She praised my loose strokes, she showed me simple techniques that drew more light and texture to the surface, it was a time of movement, abundance and wonderful discovery for me. Working with her reinforced my direction and strengthened my belief in my power to create.”

Kathy Hunter, Boulder, Colorado

I have been a private student of Julianna's for almost 2 years. I had absolutely no experience prior to my first lesson. Her ability to communicate the basics as well as more advanced methods of expressing on canvas has exceeded my expectations each and every time we work together. I have actually been approached by several people who would like to buy my work and have even been asked to do a commission piece.  I can honestly say that I never in my wildest dreams would have expected the results this early in my painting life. It is thanks to Julianna Poldi!       

Newton Bartley,  Palm Springs, CA

M O D E R N    A B S T R A C T   A C R Y L I C

P A I N T I N G   W O R K S H O P S


NEW: Workshops and coaching now offered through live streaming. Learn to paint from the comfort of your home!

          ·    Learn basics of acrylic abstract painting

      ·    Discover new approaches to abstract painting

    ·    Explore new techniques, tools, and materials

      ·    Learn how to edit, critique, and create a series

·    Be in the moment, relieve stress, have fun!

Workshops for beginners thru advanced; all materials provided.

Students will work on 3 paintings and leave with frame-ready art!

Workshops available for:

Private, Couples or Groups of 3 - 6 students

Julianna teaches abstract acrylic painting using a consistently successful method, self-developed at her Canyon Road studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  An award winning artist with over 25 years experience as a painter and workshop leader, she holds an MFA in Arts and Consciousness from John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley, CA. Julianna offers private and group workshops in Palm Springs, CA. and at your own studio with live webinars.

“More than the average art teacher, I engage students one on one to encourage individuality and meet them at their level. Students often say they learn more in the first ten minutes than any other class. My passion is to help ease the painting process and guide students to obtain professional results so they can love what they do and others will too!”


Looking forward to talking with you soon!


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